Sunday, October 13, 2013

SNIPER Now Available For Pre-Order!

My novel, SNIPER, is now available for pre-order on many of the  major book ordering websites. You can order the book at, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million.

This will be my first published novel, my publisher (Skyhorse Publishing) has informed me that it will be released as a Trade Paperback, and I am very excited about it. My agent and I have been working closely with the publisher and I should be receiving Advanced Reader Copies any day.

This is the culmination of eleven years of hard work. I first started the novel in 2002 and it has gone through a number of revisions and at least two complete overhauls! Which, as most newly published writers can attest, is not unusual. A number of people were very involved in this endeavor and thanks are owed to them. My late wife and best friend, Connie, who gave invaluable support during those early days when I was going through the turmoil of becoming a writer (I had thought I was, but quickly learned that I was a babe in the woods!). She was my inspiration and her loss to cancer (on October 16, 2006) is one that I am still coping with. 

Paula Munier, friend and early champion of the novel's concept. Paula, along with Skye Alexander, Steve Rogers, Margaret McLean, Jim Shannon, and Andy McAleer, the Monday Night Murder Club writer group, were instrumental in making the book what it is today. Paula gave up her job as an editor to become a literary agent and immediately signed me up.

Thanks are also owed to the team at Skyhorse (Editor Jay Cassell and Associate Editor Constance Renfro) who were instrumental in smoothing the manuscript and designing the cover.

I will be posting regularly (I know, about now you're saying that you've heard that before) and communicating the marketing and publicity campaign that I am currently planning. But first, I have to attend the forthcoming 12th annual New England Crimebake. If you are lucky enough to be going, I'll see you there.

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