Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tired Of Dealing With Microsoft Word?

Are you like me, in that you've had it up to your keester with Microsoft? Well there is a solution and better yet it's FREE!

Sun Microsystems has developed an office suite every bit as powerful and useful as Microsoft Office and they are giving it away! All you need do is go to Open Office's website and download it. I've been using its word processor for several months now and find it as functional as Word in fact it will open Word documents and save in Word format as well as its own format.

The product is not a new to the market come-on either. It has been around for a while (I believe it was formally known as STAROFFICE) and users can submit suggested changes to SUN. WOW! A software package that you might actually have some input into! So if you are in the market for (or have recently purchased) a new computer, rather than pay Microsoft for Office download a free copy of Open Office and give it a try--I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Not to mention I'm sure you can find a way to use that licensing fee...

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