Monday, September 29, 2008


The Unknown Writer

Ronnie Jay
© 2004

I’m an unknown writer
Creative as they come
But, there’ll come a day, I dare say
I’ll be a famous one

I’ll write a #1 best-seller
And oh, the riches it will bring
It’ll sell more in every bookstore
Than Grisham, Crichton or King

I know you won’t believe me
And I can’t make you a believer
But, if I don’t believe in myself
No one else will either

Yes, I know it sounds impossible
To reach those heights of fame
And I realize that I may never
Be a household name

But, it doesn’t really matter
If my dreams do or don’t come true
I’m still gonna keep on writing
Because that’s what writers do

1 comment:

Lark said...

You write very well.