Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Writing Environment

I just got back from an idyllic week in far northern Maine where I isolated myself and cranked out the next installment of the novel I'm currently working on. I find that I'm most productive if I place myself in isolation, away from phones, internet and television. The lake by which I spent 5 terrific days was ideal. In fact, the only radio stations I could pull in were in Quebec and French speaking. I had nothing left to do but write!

Writing is possibly the single hardest thing one can do. It's a solitary endeavor and, no matter what anyone says, it's hard! Trying to write at home is really difficult. I find myself constantly interupting myself to check email, surf the net (under the lame excuse of doing research) and dealing with home issues. It's easier today than it was when my wife was still alive. She always seemed to think that if I was at home I was available to whittle away at her ever-present list of Honey-dos. (I must admit though that I'd gladly tackle that list today if I could have her back.)

I have of late been rather productive. I completed a piece for an up-coming anthology called: My Teacher Is My Hero and am closing in on the end of the novel...speaking of which.

It's time for me to stop avoiding it and get back to work.


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